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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

If not – Why not?

It has finally become a fact! Mobile browsing has overtaken Desktop/Laptop browsing. *Mobile 51.7% – Desktop 43.59% – Tablet 4.71%. ‘Why is this important?’ I hear you ask. Well, if your website is not mobile ready, you are now missing out on the biggest section of the website using population. I am not one to perpetuate the myth that Google will delist you next week, but the fact is, you will get less people using your site. This means less people seeing you products, which will mean less people buying from you. Take my advice, invest a bit of your profit in an upgrade to make your site mobile ready. You will get a fresh set of search terms in your SEO, you can make the content changes you have been meaning to make for the last few years and you can get some new pictures on it. Most web designers will upgrade a site for a reduced fee if most of your content is already done and can be transferred from the old website. Go for it, you will be glad you did!

*Mobile website stats
Alex Russell.

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