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Take regular breaks

But don’t start smoking

It’s an odd fact that smokers are more productive (on average) than non-smokers. *Research by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy, found that when people take regular breaks, they are measurably more productive. Smokers, by their very nature, have to take breaks now, as most countries make them smoke outside. I’m not advocating we all take up smoking, far from it. I come from a family that has been badly affected by lung conditions, my Grandad died of lung cancer and we also have a lovely nephew, Ethan, who has Cystic Fibrosis, one of the UK’s most common genetic conditions. So please don’t start smoking! What I am saying is take a break; make a drink; walk to the furthest photocopier in the office; go and get a glass of water or whatever it takes (apart from smoking) to get your body moving. It gives your grey matter a breather so makes you more productive. Have one now, right now…. go on!

Alex Russell

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