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Painted Country

Painted Country

When we first met the two Steve’s from Painted Country they had a business idea which I didn’t really understand. They pitched it something like this “we take old furniture and paint it, but not to make it look new, it still looks old”. We all know now that this is “Shabby Chic” or in their case the “Painted Country” look. They were way ahead of the market and managed to buy the domain name which really gave them an advantage. They were one of the first businesses to use Annie Sloan chalk based paints to create their look and, as a result, are held in high regard by their peers. When it came to the website design, fortunately for us, they had a clear vision for how it was going to look and work. We love working with these guys as they are always full of energy for their craft and their enthusiasm is contagious. The resulting website is colourful and vibrant with wonderful pictures of their work.

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